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party overstepped their bounds. the overstepped. i couldn't allow that to happen to america. i love my country. it just went too far. for 10 years of president reagan opposed the administration there were still blaming jimmy carter for everything. historically, president obama things. bush for a famou the tea party overstepped with the nazi staff, the socialism, wanting to totally destroy everything that people fought in world war two, a vietnam and korea for. host: you are calling on the independent line, who did you vote for? caller: i thought i had a choice, and up voting for obama. i did not vote until almost 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon because i hadn't made up my mind. host: for him did you vote in 2008. caller: i voted for the libertarian candidate. host: what to do in ohio? caller: i am a casino worker. host: where is studenville? caller: right across the ohio river across from west virginia about 45 events west of pittsburgh. host: thank you for calling in to c-span and this morning. if you want to send a tweet or make a comment on facebook, you can do both of those. if you w
than a couple terms, i feel that america needs not just to vote because they are in a party, but just to keep renewing congressmen and senators. i feel like after 20, 30, 40 years of them of being a senate or congress that they need a little -- they get a little more corrupt. host: what are you looking for from connie mack? caller: to fix the debt crisis before we fall off the fiscal cliff. if we do that, i thing that will be a extremely hard recovery on america. also, getting jobs back into the states. caller: carmichael , n.c., on our line for democrats. caller: i am voting for accountants mayor watt/. he has been a good congressman. i remember when we haven't been looking jessie, this country -- i remember when we had him, we were last in every single the republicans talking about -- they are not going to reach across the aisle. thank you for letting me make my comment. ebra, on ourp is db =ebra line for republicans. i am voting for mack. i am an american and a mother. i am voting for mitt romney because i feel that he is an american, he is red, white and blue. he is for this count
last name or who you love, you can make it in america if you try. [applause] ♪ host: president obama in virginia, before that was mitt romney in colorado as this last- minute campaign marathon continues, 48 hours before polls opened in much of the country. it is sunday, november 4. it is not just a presidential election, but the presidential races getting a lot of attention. virginia is the home to the most expensive race in this cycle. "60 minutes" will be looking at the senate, with -- with former minute -- former members saying that it is bogged down with gridlock. republicans are expected to hold on to the majority in the house, but democrats are expected to gain seats. we will begin with this question, very simple, as we wind down this presidential campaign, tell us who will win and why. host: as always, you can join us on facebook, send it to e-mail -- journal@c-span.org, or send us a tweet at twitter.com/c- spanwj. let's go the battleground states and the headlines, courtesy of the newseum this morning. from "the cleveland plain dealer," it is all about ohio. meanwhile, "the s
down since 2007. -- dairy farms since 2007. that is america's bread and butter literally. host: alex tweets -- one other tweet this morning from brian -- brought up this morning that latino voters are urging obama to focus on immigration. here is a story from "the new york times." we will focus more on that issue and issues facing latino "ters later on in today's washington journal." we will go to the democrat line. what is the most import issue for you in the second term? caller: the most apparent issue that the news wanted to think is the fiscal cliff. it is interesting the word fiscal cliff is a cliche for "how much money is going to be taken out of the $150 million ira's of mr. romney." understand that the fiscal cliff was imposed by bush to keep the tax benefits for the rich in place. in a compromise, obama continued those for another year. in 2008 there were supposed to run out. nobody is talking about the compromise that he made not to actually bring the the 2008 provisions into place. we have four things we're looking at. they can lead that policy continue. some say it will i
he will not work across the aisle for the whole united states of america. he has a vision of the 1% and is a firm believer that the 1% will take care of everything else. he does not believe in government. he does not believe in big government. host: another article in "politico" -- next call comes from mississippi on a republican line. what do you think? caller: i think governor romney would reach across the aisle. president obama definitely has not ever reached across the aisle. he pushed his obamacare through without any thought of what the people of america wanted. he is limiting health care for the older people. he is trying to pretend he really cares about people by going to these flooded areas, and that is not going to wipe out his record of working against the people of america. host: on our independent line, gabriel. caller: i think that overall, the party that would be most willing to compromise and come to a situation no room and discuss the politics that we need to be discussing past to be the democratic party. there are a lot of things that i do not support about the de
time. i just don't understand why we all can't get together. i know that america is based on individuality and people wanting to have a piece of the pie, but why -- it just appears that the tea party is so divisive, and i don't understand that. you know, sometimes it appears that since president obama has become president, that i've never seen so much disrespect for the office of president. oip amy kremer? guest: well, thanks for your comment, shelly, and i would to say we're not divisive. i mean, we've gone after republicans and democrats alike. we are an issues-oriented movement, focused on fiscal responsibility, limited government, free markets. that's all we're focused on. and as i said before, we want washington to live within their means. so, you know, it's not that we're here just to challenge the democrats. we're here, and we've done it, we've primaried republicans before. so i don't think that expecting our federal government and our state and local governments to live within their means is very divisive. i think that that is something that is absolutely reasonabl
right here in the united states of america, u.s. citizens, a long with legal immigrants that are here whether they are latino, asian, or whatever -- other nationalities. they are here -- the java component of it, we do not have enough jobs in the united states of america that paid well enough to have other people coming here from other parts of the world here to work. then we have an educational system here that is not up to par as far as educating the people that are already here. as a republican, we talk about having a small government. if we reduce the size of government, reduce the educational part of our government, how are we able to be competitive in a global economy? host: thank you for the call. guest: i think it is an excellent question. it is interesting that the unemployment for undocumented workers is very low. i do believe that they do jobs that americans do not do any more. in addition to that, while we have 7.8%, 7.9% unemployment nationally, it varies across regions. it varies across jobs. yes, we have 7.8% unemployment. if you talk to some very high technology firms,
the groups. he just wanted everybody to believe in america. i keep thinking about the story he told the crowd about cutting the flag that was on the shuttle in 1986 and i could see the electricity going through him. he loves america and wants us to love america too. host: to facebook -- twitter -- back to your calls, republicans on 00 only, on the future of your party. mark in arlington, virginia. caller: i think tim pawlenty is absolutely right. i would have voted for him. i think republicans should stay away from issues that have to do with -- social issues, and stay more on the fiscal and financial issues, because by staying on social issues they turn off a lot of women. by aligning themselves so closely with religious right, they turn off a lot of people. so they should try to stay more on the financial side and the fiscal side and stay away from social issues. if they did that, i think they would get more acceptance from these other groups that generally vote democratic. host: richard is on the line from new mexico. caller: good morning. i think this is a low priority conversation. we ha
optimistic about america's future? of course, you can contact us via social media. our twitter handled is @cspanwj. another question that was asked in both 2008 and 2012 -- this year, 69% said americans are divided, 29% said united. a few more of those results. this is the percentage of americans who think it is extremely important that president obama accomplished the following. across the board, all americans in gray, democrats in blue, republicans in red. number three, for all americans, second for democrats, and four four republicans. make major cuts in federal spending came in at number 5 for all americans. those are some of the results of the poll that was taken november 9 through 12 this year by gallup. are you optimistic about america's future? a majority of americans are optimistic. we are going to begin with a frome call from paul on orlando. caller: happy thanksgiving. if the petersons are watching, happy thanksgiving to them. peter, the pie chart that you showed a second ago where the majority of americans are optimistic -- that is who we are. we are an optimistic bunch of
street journal," "america is on track to surpass saudi arabia by 2020." that is also a front-page story in the washington times as well. below the fold, a piece written by guide taylor. -- guy taylor. president obama, traveling overseas on saturday to several countries, including burma. this is after he meets with congressional leaders on friday. that is why we are turning to all of you today to discuss this. john, ohio, what do you think? president obama, when he meets with congressional leaders on friday, should he say that he is open to cuts to medicare and social security? caller: medicare and social security should not be cut. there are other ways to deal with it. you can cut welfare, you can cut wigs. while he is in asia, president obama should look at the pay of the average ceo to the employee is 10 to one in japan. in american it -- in america it is 300 to one. social security, i am a small business owner and have paid into it already. i do not believe they should touch it. host: you do not think that they should touch it? caller: no, ma'am. host: how do they bring down the defi
of the independent insurance agents and brokers america. he has been our guest. thank you. guest: thank you. host: it's 8:30 a.m. eastern on the east coast. as we have done all week and will do to election day, we will begin to look at the battleground state of virginia today with the university of virginia center for politics director. he will join us from charlottesville. after that, if a member of the virginia house of delegates and a mitt romney co-chair for virginia. and the virginia democratic party chairman brian moran will join us from loudoun county, ground zero for the state of virginia in this presidential election. first, this update from c-span radio. >> its 8:33 a.m. eastern. an update on new york city following sandy. some of the subways are rolling again. and a train pulled out of penn station three days after the tunnels were flooded. the chairman says 14 of the city's 23 subway lines will be operating today. none of the trains will be going into lower manhattan. it is still dealing with a massive black out. the subways usually carry 5.2 million passengers a day. experts and shorelin
to reach across the aisle and meet with good democrats that love america just like you love america. and there are good democrats like that. i will meet with the democrats and republican leaders. i will do it much more frequently. because we are going to have to work together. these are critical times. this is an election of consequence. host: in other ad about the campaign -- i am sorry, an article about the campaign spending late in the game. the headline from the "washington times" -- outsiders turn on spending spigot full blast. outside political groups spend 90 million on ads. and in a single day on monday, the highest water mark in the history of political spending. super pacs and nonprofit political groups furiously unloaded the money that will have little value to them in just one week. and more about ad spending. i want to show you a clip from last evening. obama at a rally at the university of colorado, talking and that important swing state. a bit of that now. [video clip] >> we know what change looks like. [applause] we know what is going to help the middle class. [appla
am saying? they need to let the president -- he is the president of the united states of america. he needs to get over saying he is not this and he is not that. host: it is also the congress that has an influence a role in this. should the states trust congress to strike the deal with the president? caller: they need to get their butts out of their tails -- host: let's move onto michael on twitter. rick joins us from pittsburgh, a missouri and the democrats' line. caller: hello. it is vick. good morning. it has been awhile since i talked to c-span. my concern is this. i voted for obama two times. i am a white man, 58 years old. i have been -- this is the bottom line. there is racism still underlying current. they need to get over the problem and accept the fact that the white man has lost and it is now a totally multiracial nation. host: what does that have to do with the fiscal cliff and state's roles? caller: a lot of the people being affected, especially in the -- happen to be multiracial and white. the few at the top -- and i know them at the top -- the wealthy man has plenty to
of the united states of america. we want you to succeed. let's challenge ourselves to find the common ground that has eluded us. let's do the right thing together for our country. host: ron, you are up first. what was the message to washington? caller: i really think compromise is in the air in a positive way. it is so wonderful in my mind of president obama was elected. people can start to really work together. not just politicians, but people who will help solve problems and move forward and enter a positive way. -- in a positive way. so many negative comments i heard before the election. i really think they have no validity in trying to portray him as somebody who is not doing well by people. the thing that has not been mentioned on c-span or other channels very often is that the republican driven congress and obstructed. when they had their democratic majority, people fail to mention 12 blue dog democrats, which in my view were very republicans in disguise. host: let's look forward. what do you want the president to work on? caller: i think jobs. included in that will be energy, moving f
. i have only medicare. i cannot even afford supplements. people in america are starving and we are giving millions of dollars to other countries. host: james martin, 16 plus. go ahead. guest: my favor a senior citizen, my mom, would have been 96 years old this week. she worked into her 80s and she depended largely on her social security check. not agree more with you. they have stolen from the trust fund for years and the years. i would like to quote two former senators. they held a news conference about 15 years ago and they said, if we did in private business what we do here in the congress, stealing from the trust fund for other purposes, that is called the embezzlement. you get locked up in private industry. congress has been doing that for years. seniors are paying into the fund and there is nothing to use now. it should be stopped. host: we have a tweet. does mr. martin not understand the cuts to medicare are not to the basic program, but to medicare advantage and to providers, not us some of guest: absolutely. it is to providers and hospitals and those providers -- guest
america. if you continue on the same track the party will keep losing ground. host: from "the weekly standard," in both cases president bush and president obama winning by a margin of victory by 2.4%. guest: that does not surprise me. i knew it was going to be minutes before the republican party through mitt romney under the bus. i do think he was a weak candidate, but the republicans nominated him as a behind him and insisted he was the answer rayers.ica's pereir they did not have any choice. when you look at the other choices in the primary, who would have done a better job? herman cain? michele bachmann? jeb bush did not run. they got stuck with mitt romney. host: california has gone from a republican to a purple to a solid democratic state. what has changed? ronald reagan winning back in 1984. guest: i am proud to take a little bit of credit for that four at one time being the democratic party chair in california. the republican party is a mirror of the national republican party in the sense that i think they lost track of where the country was moving. republican registration in
on next call, terry in maryland, on our line for republicans. caller: america has no real influence in the middle east. i say that because we have been trying to negotiate this cents ronald reagan. and if we had any influence with the arab-speaking population, we basically would have succeeded by now. the reality is, for half of the countries, we are nothing more than ana tm, and the other half, -- we are nothing more nothingan atm and for the others we are nothing more than an antagonist. it is not something we discuss in the news. therefore, all it is is people attacking israel. it is not i believe what the underlying theme is for the muslim population. and that is to regain glory of the old muslim empire. host: any sense that the united states involvement over the decades, any sense that the united states had a positive impact and things could have been worst? caller: no. of all of the countries there, with the exception of jordan, no country really allows us to influence them. host: a tweet from gary, he says our role in the middle east should be non. israel takes care of its ow
in america. following that, the new york stock exchange went belly up and the taxes were increased to cover that, too. now we have another flip-flop going on about going over the fiscal cliff. we need to go back and figure out where it started, which was in texas with that silverado bank that started the rko. from let's go to dave pennsylvania on the democratic line. thanks for calling. caller: yes. i have a lot of confidence in the economy. i am in southwest pennsylvania, south of pittsburg. in the last three and a half years we have had 3000 national gas wells drilled. the gas is here right now. a multibillion-dollar ethylene plant has been billed by shell. u.s. steel has a $3 billion expansion coming in. i propose, for 40 years they have blackmailed us. any oil that is exported out of the country should be taxed. it will not be any detriment to our country. if the other people don't want to pay it, we will keep it for ourselves. host: we will be talking about shale gas in the later segment. are you concerned congress and the white house will deadlock and mess up this process for you, tha
for america. host: i will let you jump in here. guest: fannie mae and freddie was caused by the housing bubble and that was done a great disservice by the congress in encouraging lending to those individuals who did not have a sufficient down payment or the wherewithal to guarantee that they would be able to pay back their mortgage loans. that certainly created a housing bubble [no audio] that did start at the end of the bush administration. certainly, we are now four years past the start of the obama administration, and i think we have had sufficient time to address the concerns. the fact of the matter is the economy has not improved to the degree we have averaged 8% over and the entire term of president obama's tenure in office. good continue to look for change that will create those jobs and get this economy moving again while also addressing the tremendous debt that this country has. $16 trillion in debt increased over $5 trillion under president obama. if we have another four years of obama, the national debt will exceed $20 trillion. this is a horrible thing to give to our children, our
the keystone pipeline which would bring jobs and energy down to america, they reject that. that is not attractive in terms of global investment and job creation. the caller also talked about what caused the deficit then been a lot of charts and graphs dispel some myths. over four years, the total deficit was 5000 $92 billion. the taxes on the wealthy over that same time was $136 billion. all other americans was $544 billion. total cost of the bush tax cuts and the wars was about $1.30 trillion which means 75% of the deficit was caused by other spending. the wars and the tax cuts certainly contributed, but 75% was caused by other spending. the wars are ramping down and we are going to be taking a look at what we can do with revenue. it is far more efficient to grow the economy. you get hundreds of billions of dollars in additional revenue versus trying to increase tax rates on small businesses. host: what is your biggest accomplishment since entering the senate? guest: i like to think delving into the details of the federal budget, breaking it out into a more simplistic exp
talks about the market and free enterprise, talking about creating an america where your father can be a bartender in miami and his son can be a u.s. senator. that's what the american dream is. host: matt's past experience includes being the director of the leadership institute, a nonprofit training organization. in march of 2007 he was one of two bloggers invited on john mccain's poor bus on a visit to new hampshire with an interview with the candidate and was named a rising star politics by politics magazine a decade ago. -- john mccain's tour bus. guest: a decade already spiry. host: let's go to our democratic allies in virginia. caller: i do consider myself a democrat. i was willing to consider going some of the direction with obama. i have not been satisfied with his first term, necessarily. the republicans unfortunately, across almost racist on many occasions. i am engaged to a woman who is from guatemala. she is very smart and very conservative in her personal and social values. just the way the republicans spoke about immigration and things like that, they came across as rea
? caller: there has been a lot of greed here in america. there has been away too much to double spending, preparing for obamacare to be pushed. also, i think there is too much spending is going in to government aid. it is too much. i cannot see why people would rather quit their jobs and be taken care of by the government. host: the opposite to that issue is a national security issue which must be addressed. but what affected the cliff on the economy? as we to do, one of the chief economists or out during the press briefing with a new report warning that consumer spending would fall by $200 billion in 2013 if we go off the so-called fiscal cliff. chris in rockville, maryland. on our line for independents. should we go off the cliff? caller: no. i believe we should come up with a comprehensive balanced budget plan. and the reason i am not calling it, i believe some people are misinformed about the reason for this deficit. i believe that both democrats and republicans are responsible for this large deficit that we have it. they did have a two different philosophies on how to increase. demo
and wide for america's future. now we are almost home. one final push will get us there. we have many long days, short nights, and now we are close. the door to a brighter future is there, open, and waiting for us. i need your vote, your work. i need you to walk with me. let's take it back, america. [unintelligible] host: that is governor mitt romney, and pennsylvania. michigan, david, democratic line. we are talking about the electoral system. we are also talking about voting booths and how you actually vote. how secure do you think the technology is? what do you think? caller: thank you for c-span. it is about the only place where we get real information. thank you for taking my call. number one, i do not trust the electoral system, the way it is set up. sonosedly mitt romney's owns quite a few voting machines in ohio. the old saying is that these republicans are getting caught left and right cheating in florida. here in michigan they are, and in ohio. if republicans do not cheat, they cannot win. they cannot win on issues, they are nothing but liars. mitt romney's whole campaign is base
. they paid the same thing about the ambassador. they do not want her to represent america. we already voted for the president. host: 1. to clarify -- senator mccain serve vietnam. do you think since he won reelection he has a mandate to make some decisions? can he be forceful right now? caller: yes, we already said what we wanted. he is the president. more than half of the people already voted for him to run the country. he should not go overboard, but he has a mandate to get things done. people want jobs. i have been to 15 or 20 countries and all of them are like, oh, in america. things have improved the way we do business. i think he is the best thing to ever happen to america. --eally think caller: caller host: we lost our caller. secretary of state hillary clinton will be leaving the state department although congressional inquiries have put a crimp in any plans to exit immediately. with leon panetta refusing to indicate whether he will leave or stay put, the president will have to fill the pentagon pose a top civilian job. we are looking at the future of the obama cabinet as well as ot
on the abrupt departure of america's top spy and when congress should have been informed of the probe on the cia director. give us a call -- host: you can also catch up with us on all of your favorite social media sites, twitter, facebook, an e-mail. a very good morning to you. we want to take you right to the story that is leading the major papers this morning, the resignation and fallout over the cia director, david petraeus. the timeline shows that the fbi discovered the affair in summer. high-level officials and the justice department were notified in late summer that fbi agents had uncovered what appeared to be an extramarital affair involving the director of the agency. law enforcement officials did not notify anyone outside the fbi or justice department until last week because the investigation was incomplete and there were initial concerns about possible security breaches. host: another story from "the washington post" this morning. the headline, "probe of the petraeus investigation." we want to take you to one of those lawmakers now, congressman peter king, he was on "state of the union
a mandate to move us forward? guest: yes. i think he has america on his side. i think the administration thinks america is on his side. i think there is a sense that the democrats managed to maintain control of the senate pedometer democrats won at the white house. i think there's a feeling among democrats that they wanted these things, they should be able to put these things into place that they campaigned on which is largely taxing the rich. the house republicans feel like they also have a mandate, they kept their power, they kept the house and proposed something much different. and so the tricky thing is, everyone feels like to have a mandate moving forward. we will have to wait and see who ends up a bending and who does not. host: anything else you want to respond to? guest: i think one of the other interesting debates happening now is how important is it to deal with the deficit now obverses later. the caller really raised about and said, the debt is important. and that is one thing that the democrats think. even if there is a deficit deal and it is based on this perceived mandate o
the framework that was outlined in the media. [video clip] >> to talk about america oppose the fiscal problem, i outlined a framework that deals with reforming our tax code and reforming the our spending. i believe these remarks i have outlined in our meeting is consistent with the president's call for a fair and balanced approach. to show our seriousness, we have power revenue on the table. as long as it is accompanied by a significant spending cuts. while we will continue to have revenue on the table, it will be incumbent from my colleagues to show the american people we are serious about cutting spending and solving our fiscal dilemma. i believe we can do this and avert the fiscal cliff that is right in front of us today. host:off of twitter -- host: joe, are you there? caller: yes, what i would like to know is it seems like none of them can come to a conclusion on anything. why do we that start taking their pay and deducting their pay until they can come to an agreement? or tell them all to get out of there and leave it up to the americans to vote as if we were voting to the president. host:
with pros and cons for mr. romney or president obama. and we don't need that kind of foolishness in america. we need to make up our minds and do what we know is right. that means getting out of votes. and vote for the people you believe in and why you believe in them. and don't be swayed by the commercials you see on tv. my grandfather gave me good advice that i share with everybody. he said before you plan to argue a point, do your homework. that is just as true with our elected officials. if you are going to support somebody in office -- for an office, do your homework, find out what they stand for, meet them, talk to them, hold them accountable. host: so don't just vote along party lines? caller: exactly. host: in trenton, tennessee, dolly, independent caller. caller: good morning. i agree with the gentleman who just got through talking. once you put people in their, you corrupt them. then when they make decisions you say i will back you up. don't put people in there and then knock them upside ahead. host: how did you vote in this past election all the way down federal and state? caller:
know how to use it effectively to try it out and publicize it. >> america of the 1930's and 1940's comes to life through the eye of the camera as the library of congress curator beverly brennan shares some of the 1,600 color photographs taken during the depression and world war ii. "american artifacts," sunday at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. eastern. part of american history tv this weekend on c-span 33. >> we had 2000 flight officers or generals. today we have 1000 flag officers and generals. the ratio is totally out of whack. wheels have an animal for every ship in the navy -- we almost have an admiral for every ship in the navy. we could transform responsibilities out of the pentagon and consolidate programs and save a significant amount of money. >> you can talk with tom coburn about the fiscal cliff and the future of the republican party on "in depth." the senator has written several books and reports. join us for senator tom coburn, live sunday at noon eastern on c-span2. "washington journal" continues. host: we are looking at various aspects at the so-called fiscal cliff. joinin
is not going to solve the problem that america faces. we have to turn to the spending side of the ledger. and furthermore, his tax proposal will kill about 700,000 jobs and do harm to the economy, again the wrong direction. host: and that was the new g.o.p. conference secretary voicing her thoughts on the fiscal cliff negotiations yesterday. and we want you to address the issue of what the g.o.p. is raising, which is address the spending problem. 202 is the area code for our numbers. that's our question this morning in this first segment of the "washington journal." you can also contact us via social media and email. you can make a comment on our facebook page, and finally send us a tweet. here is the hill newspaper from this morning. g.o.p. forget tax rates in talks on the deficit, let's look at the spending. the speaker's swift rejection of an idea floated by representative tom cole of oklahoma, a respected party strategist and former chair of the house g.o.p. campaign committee came as the republicans voiced increasing concerns over the debate of the so-called fiscal cliff. boehner sa
and a reason to vote for the republicans. and that is this the democrats have ruled the cities of america. the majority of them for a long time. one to two generations. 25 to 50 years in most cultures. and what has happened there, they have destroyed the cities. take a look around. where you live, knew where you live. if you live in the cities, the lady that just called probably from the suburbs. what has happened over the last two generations is the people who could have -- could three the city have fleed the cities. they ran away from to the republican-controlled suburbs. if you look at the cities, the cities are -- the schools in the city have been decimated. host: evan from shellburn, vermont, independent line. hello. caller: hi, pedro. i'm not voting today and the reason i'm voting is basically between a harvard millionaire who's white and a harvard millionaire who's black. and the choices between that are 300 million other people that could possibly participate in the lecktrorl college have an impact. there's really no option. but ultimately, the patriot act. what's happened to it?
in comparison to the-shows when president bush was president. part of the problem in ameritech is -- in america is the media should put under their caption white house stenographer. there was also a laser with where the attacks were, and that is why he got killed. he was an absolute hero. guest: there is concern with talking points in the mainstream media, as it is called, but in my defense i have written very critical things about barack obama and his presidency over the last three years, and we try our best to be even-handed. host: rob. manassas, virginia. caller: what has befuddles me is the cia changing their assessment. i do not have some of the facts, but you seem well-informed. would it not be simple enough to ask one of the survivors what happened? if somebody is outside of my house, i could see if they are having a protest or breaking on. this analysis on cia analysts in mclean, virginia, when they could just as someone what happened. i do not understand the confusion about what happened for so long after the event. guest: those are legitimate questions that should be the main focus of
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